Vitru x DripDrop


Kong Fit Contributor: Nick Perez

Of all the KFC events lined-up for this month, I was most nervous for Vitru. I was intimidated by the thought of working out in an exclusive facility where NFL athletes and celebrities train. On top of that, we would be put through a full body circuit class led by the private trainers of Movement Society. Talk about intimidating! I try to maintain an active lifestyle but I've never thought of myself as an athlete. I've always been afraid of private training because I hate feeling like I'm on display for someone to critique my form. That's why I prefer group classes; I can feed off the energy of the room but I can also fly under the radar if I need to take a break, slow down, and (in all honesty) slack off if I'm having an "off" day. 

When I walked through Vitru's doors, the intimidation went into high gear. The facility was clean, sleek and stocked with all kinds of work out equipment (some of which were completely new to me and wouldn't even know how to use). But once the trainers of Movement Society introduced themselves and kicked off the event with a fun icebreaker, all feelings of fear, nervousness and intimidation faded. I felt at ease and found comfort in seeing familiar faces of people I'd met at past KFC events. 

Once the class started, it flew by. It had all the fun and energy of a group class combined with the right amount of attention and instruction of a private training session. I didn't mind when my form was corrected. I appreciated it. And I felt invigorated to be surrounded by other KFC-ers. It was challenging and it pushed my limits. All that said, I was so glad to take a break when we paused the class to re-hydrate and re-energize with DripDrop before finishing the last set of exercises.

The class ended with a friendly competition in the form of a relay race: two teams against each other for the chance to win a free group class with Movement Society. For me, this was the pinnacle of the work out. It was the most pumped and excited I've ever felt at any KFC event. The energy was high and the camaraderie was strong. The room was filled with supportive cheering and endless high fives. In the end, I wasn't even rooting for my team to win. I was just rooting for KFC. It's been so inspiring to be part of a diverse community of people who are united by their passion for health and wellness. I can't thank KFC enough for helping me realize the importance of fostering a sense of community to help me find the inner athlete in me. When I feel intimidated by a new work out, I can rest assured that I will thrive off the encouragement of my fellow KFC crew to keep pushing myself to the next level.

Nick Perez // @nickallenperez

Kong Fit Contributor