Los Liones Hike



I love that KFC kicked off April with a hike! Last month, I challenged myself to hike every day for a week so it was perfect for me to up the ante with a long hike at Los Liones with the KFC crew. Before we started hiking, we stocked up with snacks and Matt led us in a hilarious, hip-centric warm up to get us ready to hit the trail. The KFC takeover was in full force as 40 of us took to the single file path up to the first of two overlooks. The view from where we met up with East Topanga Fire Road was stunning with a view of DTLA and the beach (I especially loved how the beach curved, gave me all the island vibes). We shot our KFC group pics and began the more difficult section of the hike up to the Parker Mesa Overlook. 

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with hiking. It always ends up tipping in favor of love but the thing I love about hiking is also something that I hate. When you’re hiking, you can’t quit. There is no tapping out, there’s no walking off the field or out of the class when you’re feeling tired; you have no option but to finish. There was definitely a moment or two on the second portion of the hike where had I been given the option, I may have let the negative voice in my head steer me towards not finishing. To me, that’s the beauty of hiking though. No matter what that little voice says, I have no choice but to believe that my body can do it. Looking out from the overlook 1,525 feet above the Pacific Ocean there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I could conquer whatever may lie ahead this week. 

I  was so thrilled to be able to bring CBD products from two companies I work with as a treat for us all at the top. My hips and hamstrings were soooo thankful for the Muscle Rub from Sacred Biology and having Paradise’s CBD hard candy to suck on as we started our descent was a welcome sweet treat. While we’re on the topic of sweet… I slathered on coconut lotion prior to heading out and I would NOT recommend doing that before heading outdoors! The bugs were lovinggg me. 

All jokes aside, one of my favorite things about this KFC (aside from getting my body moving outdoors on a beautiful day) was hearing from so many KFC members how much they were enjoying the hike and how they’d love to hike more. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do and I am LOVING exploring LA by way of these gorgeous trails. Being in nature in this way is very grounding for me and it truly brings me joy to see other people have a similar experience. I have to say, I was a little nervous about going on such a long hike with such a large group but I was so pleasantly surprised and can’t wait for the next Kong Fit Climb! A perfect Sunday Funday in my book.


Kong Fit Contributor