TITLE Boxing On Demand


Kong Fit Contributor: Liv Mai

I hope I get to hit something today, I thought as I pulled into the Beverly Center Valet. Yikes! That sounds quite malicious, but I promise my desire to attack has good intention. I’ll explain. As a young girl, I was very quiet and shy at school. But as soon as I got home, I was a wild child that loved to dance around and play boxing on Wii Sports; punching the air was liberating. Now, I still love to dance around and have recently discovered that I enjoy boxing, not with Wii remotes in hand, but with hands wrapped and gloves on. This discovery is all thanks to Kong Fit Club. My first time boxing (in real life) was at BoxUnion with KFC. Then I got even more hooked at a KFC pop-up at Prevail. So when Meagan told us we were having an event with Title Boxing Club, I was so excited!

Will I get to hit a punching bag? I wondered as I walked into Room Service at Beverly Center. Room Service is a beautiful shared workspace that offers amenities such as complimentary valet parking, high-speed internet, and also assistance in booking reservations of all sorts from restaurants to get-aways and beyond. A lovely space, but I couldn’t imagine how we were going to be able to box here. Familiar KFC faces sprinkled into the waiting room as we chose from an array of snacks and sipped on Little West juices. After some chit chat, the time to sweat had come and we made our way into the workout space. My doubts about the space were cast away as I saw the open room and felt the vivacious energy.

What do you fight for? The Title Boxing Club reps gave us encouragement to remember why we fight and our purpose. We all pondered this question and wrote our answers down on a piece of paper. Our instructor, Ro, came out shining with energy and positivity. After teaching us how to wrap our hands, we started to move. And punch. And push. And sweat. Though we didn’t have a physical bag to hit, we were all fighting something. Ro encouraged us all to go harder with each punch, and Meagan was up there with him demonstrating incredible intensity with the occasional dazzling dance break. We finished with core strengthening and a stretch. As we closed our eyes for a final moment of gratitude, dots began to connect in my mind. My initial desire to hit something equated to my desire to fight. I desire to fight for growth. With each punch I threw, I was fighting to become a better version of myself. And not just physically. It didn’t matter if I had a bag to hit because I was hitting with intention. The fight I put into my workout is the same fight I put into my life. So, thank you KFC and Title Boxing Club for showing me that remembering my intention is so valuable. With purpose, we all truly have great power.

Liv Mai // @liv.mai

Kong Fit Contributor