HIIT w/ Heineken 0.0

We kicked off KFC MAY with HIIT w/ HEINEKEN 0.0, sponsored by Heineken US! We met at The Body Los Angeles for a pre-workout happy hour and tried their new 0.0% alcohol beer that tastes just like the real thing. Coach Jenn Glysson gave us a class that made us feel like the team we are. After an extended warm up and circuits, we cheered each other through some drills that took every last bit of energy we had. Beer THEN burn…that’s #KFCApproved. #NowYouCan


Kong Fit Contributor: Ron Portillo

Thanks to a previous fundraising workout event that Meagan and The Body organized for Hurricane Harvey relief I had the pleasure of working out with Jenn before this KFC workout. Coming into this event I was filled with excitement and energy because I knew that the workout was going to be of the highest level and it was going to be fun in a challenging way.

The highlight of the event for me was connecting with the KFC group prior to the workout. Thanks to the Heineken 0.0 happy hour it was great to catchup with fellow KFC members! 

Working out in group settings sure makes the sessions go much faster and much more enjoyable. The group support is like nothing out there. I swear I can still hear the cheers from the quick feet reaction station.

The highlight of my month is taking part in KFC events.  I look forward to working out with fun and friendly people at the best LA studios.  

Kong Fit Contributor