Basecamp West Hollywood


Kong Fit Contributor: Fiona Li




Come as you are, we are in this together! 

This month’s theme, ONE LOVE, is by far my favorite!  ONE LOVE perfectly represents Kong Fit Club and the ultimate reason that kept me coming back for more. The SAME LOVE towards fitness brought a group of strangers together as a community. They are not just friends, they are family.

Expectation: It’s only 35 mins? It is going to be easy-peasy lemon squeezy, but it turns out differently.

To be honest, I tried out another Basecamp location a while back and left feeling intimidated so I wasn’t putting in the work. I was nervous yet excited to give it another try knowing Basecamp will be different when KFC is in the house!


The experience:

WHOA! This signature 35 mins quick and effective workout was no joke. My body was shaking, heart rate spiking to 175, and I was turning as red as a tomato at one point.  This killer workout consists of both cardio and strength training.  60 seconds on a bike followed by 60 seconds of strength workouts on the floor, and we repeat for 15 times. The transitions were a little confusing at first but got the hang of it quickly.

Nick was our trainer and kept us moving the entire time. There was no time to slack with only 10 secs switch in between. He pushed us to our full potential. Hence, the bike quickly became a great active recovery after a variety of strength exercises using equipment such as dumbbells and medicine balls.

Time flew by, the workout was over in a blink of an eye. Basecamp kicked my butt and surprisedly became one of my favorite KFC workouts now! Felt so accomplished and energized after this sweat sesh, let’s do this again soon!



Love the high fives in between transitions, keep them coming!

Fiona Danting Li // @thefionali

Kong Fit Contributor