Let's Get Digital w/MINDBODY + Burn60


Kong Fit Contributor: Carolina

I signed up for this class with KFC because I genuinely had never heard of Burn60. Literally, no clue what type of workout it was, but since I had the opportunity to try it for free, why not?! I’ve got nothing to lose and know it would be a good time with my KFC fam. Very much looking forward to being able to book these classes on the go via the mindbody powered KFC app.

When I arrived, I got a bit of an introduction and how the class is half on treadmill and half on the floor with free-weights. I instantly thought it would be like a Barry’s class, which I’ve only taken once before, over a year ago. I thought that it was going to be exactly the same. Interval work on the treadmill and constantly changing your exercise on the floor. Going against time, not repetition.

Naturally, I started on a treadmill and I could not remember the last time I ran on one. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but then the instructor gave us the class rundown. Now, while every class and instructor is probably different, I really liked the structure we’d be following.

  • 3 minutes on the treadmill, 4 times. 3 minutes on the floor, 4 times.

  • Treadmill was a steady pace to reach or beat your previous 3-minute distance.

  • On the floor you’d be doing 2 different exercises either against repetition or time and your last minute was a plank. Every. Time!

I really enjoyed this set-up over the Barry’s class I did moons ago. It was more about pace and consistency, than trying to do too much all at once. Now, I know both methods of working out have their pros and cons, but I think when you can really focus on an exercise, you will be able to get better and stronger. If you’re constantly thinking about what is coming up next, you aren’t as focused on the move at hand.

For this being my first Burn60 class, it definitely left a better impression on me than Barry’s. It was a great reminder to not knock it, until you try it. You may have had a bad experience with an instructor or class structure, but there’s always room to switch up your workouts as you grow in your active lifestyle.

Carolina Guerrero // @caro.warrior

Kong Fit Contributor