The Color Run w/ ONE Brands


Kong Fit Contributor: Telena Vo

Going into the finale of KFC’s One Love for June Pride Month series, I knew it was going to be a big one. The KFC crew was venturing into the wild, and we would not go unnoticed (so true because the emcee spotted the “Kong Fit Club” tees from the starting line)!

Upon arrival, I found KFC at the ONE Bar booth, welcomed by Meagan with a big smile and warm hug. As everyone trickled in, we all geared up in our matching KFC ONE Love tees and (of course) took hella pictures together. When we started to head out to the starting line, that’s when it got real. Going in, we were a blur of white tees swimming in a pool of more white tees; you can barely tell each other apart. Then, we were off! It was so exhilarating, going through the first round of color- pink! From there, everyone ran the race at their own pace, knowing we’d all be back together across the finish line.  

As someone who is not a big runner, I was super nervous about not being able to keep up or losing myself in the crowd, but the nerves washed away as I ran through color after color. As we all dispersed at our own separate paces, I challenged myself to keep a steady pace behind a few KFC members. I found that I did have the endurance to finish the race. When we made it roughly past the midway point at the soccer stadium, I took a nice breather and soaked in the views and people.  

As opposed to a relatively private setting in a studio or gym, the Color Run brought us together with thousands of other people in a common space. This was an experience to be shared with our community. Los Angeles is diverse, unique, and inclusive much like the people who live here. I consider KFC to be a safe place much like my home in LA. We come together every time, wherever we go, as one team.

KFC is a home for everyone and all people. We are unique in every way and following our own paths and journeys but it does not stop us from coming together as ONE team with ONE Love. It is a place and a family that accepts and respects each individual. Coupled with the Color Run, I cannot imagine a better way that celebrates this. Not to mention our wonderful sponsor, ONE Brands, who couldn’t have been more perfect for the Color Run. Thanks so much ONE Brands for fueling us pre- and post- run!

I’m so into the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond Bliss bars!  

@tvo.xo // Telena

Kong Fit Contributor