Kong Fit Contributor: Victoria

I was filled with excitement to enter my excursion to Cru Box with the incredible Kong Fit Club. All I knew was that boxing was involved and it isn’t my forte… to be honest, it’s the least skilled I am in anything. I’d much prefer to kick or mount or dance or draw. But some days, you just have to lean into the discomfort and try something new. But I got a whole lot more than a boxing experience. 

I entered and found my bag, picked up a weight and the lights began to dim. It was like being transported into another world. There’s something special about the sensory ability to take me away from the normal way I see my world. Bright and clear, I am used to seeing the details of myself and things around me. The self-doubt in me whispers, “the better to compare myself, of course.” This dimming of the lights helped me center myself, but not in seeing myself, but feeling myself. I had to follow the instructor, but not by focusing on myself perfectly in the mirror, though I tried, but vibing and connecting with wherever my body translated her movements. 

The instructors name was Janet Langer and she gave nothing short of a sermon. She took me on a mental journey into myself while beautifully cueing each movement. Connecting each movement with purpose, passion or honestly, the self-doubt. Punching through our fears, revealing what we are capable of and powering past our own limitations. Those may not have been her exact words, but that’s how I heard her and that’s what I did. I punched the bag until I almost wanted to cry, three times. Three times my emotions swelled with the arc of the music as I was dripping sweat and punching in the dark. Three times I realized I had emotions in me that needed some processing and this beautiful workout gave me the gift of physically bringing those out. Three times I realized I could overcome and power through. 

That was definitely not what I expected from boxing. It was emotional, it was physical and it was a mental workout that nearly brought me to tears. I’ve got a deep seated gratitude for any experience that allows you to get in touch with yourself and see past your own limitations. 

What Meagan is doing with Kong Fit Club is beautiful, to get to diversify our physical experiences while still committing to the health and wellness journey, it’s priceless… and at the current price point of free, no one can afford to miss this.

Victoria Gracie // @vicgracie

Kong Fit Contributor