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Kong Fit Contributor: Barbara

If you know me, my favorite ways to sweat are to box and to versaclimb.  There’s nothing like stepping on a climber, clicking in the handles and anxiously waiting for the class to start.   Will the instructor start off with a fast song?  Will the instructor be mellow?  Who knows… but I’m ready for it.  I’m ready to sweat, move and get lost in the movement.  

I’ve climbed with Loui Pacheco for many years.   He was my Saturday morning date – I would book a whole week in advance because his classes would always fill up quick.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve climbed with Loui, but I can tell you that I never got bored.  Every class was a different challenge and I walked out of every class feeling accomplished.  I was thrilled to see him in the KFC lineup.. at LA's newest climbing studio, CruxClimb

I thought I knew what to expect when I rolled up to CruxClimb.  I thought… Loui is going to blast another killer playlist, I’m going to hit 3,000 ft and my shirt will be soaked with sweat at the end of 30 minutes.  What I didn’t realize is that Loui was rolling out a sneak peak of his hybrid strength class.  OH MY GOSH.  You want me to stop moving and pick up weights for 15 minutes halfway through the climb?!   You want me to burn out the muscles that were carrying me through the versaclimber portion of the workout.. then get back on the climber to finish the last half of class?!  Okay, let’s do this.   We started to burn out the upper body, then moved onto lower body, then core.   It was just enough time with weights to feel worked but not defeated.  I was totally dreading the second half of the climb, but as we started to move, I realized that cardio break was just what I needed to get some good distance to finish out the class strong.  I loved the class – 45 minutes with Loui is all you need to get a killer workout. 

KFC’s energy during the whole class was amazing!  There were new climbers and veteran climbers all mixed into one room yet we all moved in unison to the music.  The room was filled with so much positive energy that motivated each other to keep moving… and that’s the moment that you remember, we are stronger together.  I love the positive space the KFC community creates and I hope this family continues to grow! 

Barbara Chung // @barb0513

Kong Fit Contributor