Do it for the Doughnuts Run w/Diana Mireles


Kong Fit Contributor: Vicki

When Meagan mentioned that running will be one of the September events, I had a moment of mixed feelings.  While I enjoy going on the occasional run by myself, running with a new group is always intimidating.  “I don’t really run. My stamina sucks. Will everyone be running faster or longer than I can? What if I slow the group down?” Even after years of running recreationally, these common moments of fear and self-doubt always rears its ugly head. Do you personally encounter these thoughts as well?  If so, let me share a little tidbit that I remind myself with:


If you run, you are a runner. It’s not about how fast or how far you go.


This past Saturday morning, several new faces joined members of KFC at Astro Doughnuts in Santa Monica where we got to meet Diana Mireles, our lead for the run. I met Diana several years ago at a running event and have followed her on Instagram ever since. It's an inspiration witnessing her evolving relationship with running.  Hearing Diana share her story and taking in her helpful breathing tips gave me a much-needed shot of motivation & energy to go on this run.  

Shortly after introductions, the group took a short walk over to the Santa Monica boardwalk and took off on the 5k! While everyone ran at their own pace, it was great seeing how the KFC community continued to show support. Pockets of folks would merge as they found a common pace and motivate each other to run to the next marker. Needless to say, there were plenty of high fives spotted and passed out during and at the end of the run.  While the warm morning came on quite strong for 8AM, everyone trucked through the boardwalk and finish at Astro Doughnuts with smiles in tow.  

Once folks hydrated with some refreshing H2O, it was time to catch up over some delicious donuts and coffee, courtesy of our amazing host, Art from Astro Doughnuts.  He graciously offered the KFC community with fresh donuts (personal recommendation - carrot cake!) along with some coffee to replenish from our run.  

While running is probably not the first type of exercise that I will opt to do, I do occasionally choose to run because it’s a fun way to bond, amongst yourself as well as the community.  While I may not often exchange words (hell, I’m just trying to maintain my breathe), nor run at the same pace with others, the company and support through each of our own journey is what makes me appreciate the run.  I may not have the right form, fastest time nor run as often as many others, but that is not my motive. I run because it makes me feel free and refreshed. Over time, the miles ran can make my body feel physically worn out.  Yet ironically, running would heal me mentally and give me emotional clarity.  

Thank you, Meagan, for continuing to offer our group different ways of connecting with the community as well as with ourselves.  Kong Fit Club encompasses not just physical well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being as well.

Vicki Tieu // @victorycarmichael

Kong Fit Contributor