We're ONE with ONE Brands


Kong Fit Contributor: Meagan


KFC turned ONE with a party sponsored by ONE Brands

We celebrated year one of KFC with a two part bash. First, a sweat! We called on a KFC favorite trainer Jenn Glysson from The Body Los Angeles. Jenn taught “Recess” - a class made up of team building drills to bring the athlete out of every one of us. We tested our hand eye coordination, agility and reflexes as we tossed tennis balls and shuttled through cones. The heat was intense, but the table full of ONE bars, water and sunscreen kept us going. Gold Members rocked their head to toe gear from Adidas LA and all members pushed themselves through the heat and to the limit.

Post workout we walked over to Silverlake Wine for breakfast tacos, queso and guac from my personal favorite: Homestate. Silverlake Wine supplied rose, crisp white wine and craft beer to cool down and cheers to us. ONE made a personalized KFC birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery that I swear to god almost brought me to tears. WE EVEN HAD PERSONALIZED COASTERS. What a day. We hope everyone has a friend like ONE who will throw a party like this!

The word “community” is tossed around a lot these days. If you follow someone on socials, does that make you part of their community? If you love a product and always buy it, does that make you a part of its community? To me, “community” is not just a label for a group of people or even a group of people with shared interests, it’s more. This club is not about me or any one specific person, place or thing. Our support does not end when the class is up or the posts stop. I see that you are there for each other on and offline, at events and outside them. In our 12 months of existence we have nourish the same mission to challenge and find our best selves together. Class after class, event after event.

To every member of KFC: you make me feel alive. You’ve given me purpose, made me step up to the plate and most importantly, allowed me to feel real life Human Connection in this digital world. I am the kind of person (for better or for worse,) if you f*ck with me, I f*ck with you. I know you have my back and I have yours too. KFC, we’re ONE! And we’re just getting started. Thank you ONE Brands for being an incredible support system since day one To many, many more. 

Kong Fit Contributor