Kong Fit Contributor: Kat

I’m not much for group fitness. I prefer to make weird grunting sounds in the privacy of my own studio, but Kong Fit Club is such a chill, non judgment vibe that I dig...and it’s ahem free...so why not. Plus, it’s apparently good to do things out of your own comfort zone.  My goal going into the HYPERSLOW class was to focus on my own my mat and not compare myself to others, spoiler alert: I failed!  I have been doing a self motivated challenge for the morning which consists of clean eating, no alcohol, no sugar and getting a little vinyasa/pilates flow on before I start my day.  My little routine makes me feel grounded and centered as I gear up for the chaos of the Emmy red carpet (heyyy!!!). I loved Zoe’s hands on adjustments and guidance, but I couldn’t help compare myself to the women half my size that were balancing and springing with grace and strength. I was slipping on my mat and missed the comfort of my extra long cushy mat and judgement free self practice.  Yes I showed up and that’s 75% of the battle but like, still, I felt defeated by my weaknesses after.  All was not lost though, Zoe gave me a private coaching on how to do a proper vinyasa (is that what it’s called?  Ya know, when u do the updog to downdog thang?). I have a long way to go to build up my upper body strength and I have to remember that my own personal gains are all that matter...which is true for both fitness and life. Clearly it’s called “practice” for a reason.  Now I can take things learned from outside classes and fold them it into my own daily practice.  Practice does not make perfect but it does make more better. (Poor use of grammar for a giggle). O goodness!  Namestayall!

Kat Burns // @katmburns

Thank you to Corc Yoga for supplying your beautiful, fully sustainable mats!

Kong Fit Contributor