KFC ALL-STAR: Carolina

Carolina exemplifies the mission and spirit of Kong Fit Club so we’ve chosen her as May’s KFC ALL-STAR. Carolina’s energy is contagious. Her welcoming demeanor puts members at ease and hard work makes other members step it up. Carolina spends long hours on set and traveling, check out her go to jump rope workout below!

Carolina’s Jump Rope Workout

Do you travel a lot? I certainly do. Working in entertainment and coaching clients on the side means long days and many of them on the road. I’ve learned to bring a jump rope with me whenever I travel. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you get in a workout. Set a timer for 20 minutes and GO!

Each exercise will take you 1 full minute on a timer. If you’re feeling fancy with an interval timer, you can give yourself 5 seconds in between to get the jump rope situation clean and not all tangled, but no more than 5! Take controlled and deep breathes throughout.

  1. Jump Rope

  2. Burpees

  3. Jump Rope

  4. Push Ups

  5. Jump Rope

  6. Squats

  7. Jump Rope

  8. Tricep Dips (on a chair. Every hotel room has a chair or dresser.)

  9. Jump Rope

  10. Reverse lunge with knee up - Left side

  11. Jump Rope

  12. Reverse lunge with knee up - Right side

  13. Jump Rope

  14. Caterpillar crawls

  15. Jump Rope

  16. Ab bikes

  17. Jump Rope

  18. Commandos

  19. Jump Rope

  20. Jack knifes

Doing this just one round through will do the trick to get in cardio and body resistance exercises in 20 minutes. If you are have more time, doing this circuit 2 or 3 times through will give you a run for your money with a major sweat-fest.

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