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Kong Fit Contributor: Art

I was excited to find out KFC was making it’s way to Sanctuary Fitness. I take classes at Sanctuary often. Initially, KFC introduced me to HIIT workouts through the monthly events. I quickly learned how much I love this style of training. Shortly thereafter, I found Sanctuary Fitness. So I was pretty damn excited to see two packed high energy Kong Fit Club classes at Sanctuary (Pasadena).

It’s always a great feeling to see the KFC community and exchange good vibes. We were in the Sanctuary lobby anxiously awaiting for Brandon & Kevin (Sanctuary Fitness) to open up the HIIT room filled with a bunch of ladders, rowers, dumb bells and landmines. We also did core work on mats & used the TRX.

Sundays at Sanctuary Fitness is Partner AMRAP day. We quickly partnered up & KFC enthusiastically embraced the challenge of this circuit workout exchanging high fives between stations! Brandon lead us through a killer warmup that included some dynamic stretching & cardio using our own body weight. Brandon & Kevin showed us how to perform each exercise safely & also showed us the modified version for those who may have injuries. It’s currently Power Month at Sanctuary which means we slow down a bit, reps are less, weight is heavier & we explode with power. They also emphasize how we can use our power outside of the studio, apply it in our daily lives and what are willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish our goals.

This complimented KFC’s Power Moves theme for the month of August. We have been encouraged to make Power Moves in our lives and this KFC x Sanctuary Fitness event was very inspiring. It was like a Vitamin B12 shot in the ass. It provided that much needed boost!

Art Alvarez // @artzthareelz

Kong Fit Contributor